Adolescents & Teens

Vaccines provide continued defense for older kids and protect them against additional diseases.


Stick to the Schedule

Immunization schedules work with children’s immune systems to provide the best protection when they are most vulnerable.

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Protection As They Grow

Vaccines continue to protect children as they grow into their adolescent and teenage years, providing continued defense against diseases such as the flu and protecting them against new threats like HPV and meningococcal disease.

Adolescent & Teen Vaccines


Adolescents and teens should receive the seasonal flu vaccine every year to prevent illness as well as potential hospitalization or even death. Learn more about influenza.


Meningococcal diseases are rare but extremely serious. Pre-teens and teens should receive the vaccine especially before living in college dorms. Learn more about meningococcal disease.

Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

The HPV vaccine protects against six forms of cancer. Pre-teens should receive vaccinations between the ages of 11-12 before they are exposed. Learn more about human papillomavirus.


Pre-teens should receive a booster shot for pertussis, also known as whooping cough, between ages 11-12 or as soon as possible as teenagers. Learn more about pertussis.

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