Older Adults

Vaccines help adults over the age of 50 stay healthy longer.


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Most vaccines are covered by Medicare Part D. There are thousands of health care providers offering vaccines in Florida.

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The Power to Protect Yourself

Older adults are more vulnerable to certain diseases than other populations. They are also at a higher risk for developing serious complications that can be life-threatening.

Vaccines provide protection against diseases that affect older adults such as pneumococcal disease, shingles and the flu.

Vaccines for Older Adults


Older adults who get the flu are more likely to experience serious problems. The flu vaccine provides the best protection year after year. Learn more about influenza.


Pneumococcal diseases can be life-threatening for older adults, but vaccines protect against the most common forms of pneumococcal bacteria. Learn more about pneumococcal disease.


The risk of getting shingles and having long-term problems increases with age. The shingles vaccine is the only way to protect yourself from the disease. Learn more about shingles.

Talk to your health care provider at your next medical appointment to find out which vaccines are recommended for you.