Expecting Mothers

Vaccines protect both mother and child to give babies a healthy head start at birth.


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Pass the Protection On

Pregnant women and their babies are more susceptible to complications from diseases like pertussis and the flu.

When pregnant women get vaccinated against certain diseases, they pass along the immunities they receive to their babies, providing much-needed protection until they are old enough to receive their own vaccines.

Vaccines for Pregnant Women


Pregnant women who contract the flu are at a higher risk for severe complications. The flu vaccine provides safe and effective protection for both mother and child. Learn more about influenza.


Pertussis can be deadly for infants, but vaccinating during the third trimester of every pregnancy helps protect your baby during the first few months of life. Learn more about pertussis.

Some women may need other vaccines before, during or after they become pregnant. Talk to your health care provider about these and any other vaccines you may need.